Thought of the Day March 11, 2024 Lent: Jesus, the suffering servant

By 10:42 AM

 We are told that God so loved us that he sent his Son to redeem us through his passion and death by crucifixion. His passion begins with his Last meal with his disciples. Washing the feet of the twelve was a preparation for what he would do on the cross. Though he was Lord and Master, he humbled himself by becoming a servant, washing the feet of those who were under him.  As the suffering servant of God, prophesied by Isaiah, Jesus would humbly embrace crucifixion, so that we would not have to endure eternal damnation and alienation from God. By his sacred blood he washed us from the stains of our sins. He freely chose to wash the feet of his disciples out of love. He freely chose to endure the debasement of crucifixion out of love. How can we imitate Jesus, the servant, in our life?

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