Thought of the Day March 67, 2024 Lent: Love God with one's whole being

By 10:33 AM

 Lent is a time to heed the call of God to love him with our whole being. This seems impossible at first glance. It is if we depend on our own strength of will alone. But if we depend on the grace of God, all things are possible. God does not ask the impossible from us. This grace of God is there, if we ask for it and respond to it. The difference, in a sense, between the saint and the sinner is the former makes and acts on the choice to love God totally, while the latter chooses to love self or other things more than God. So basically, it comes down to choice.  Adam and Eve could choose to love and be obedient to God or to choose to serve their own purposes.  So, ask God for the grace and then make the choice to love God with your whole being. The devil wants us to think it is impossible, but it isn't. But it takes practice and commitment.

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