Thought of the Day March 15, 2024 Lent: betrayal with a kiss

By 11:06 AM

 That Judas rejected the grace to change his mind caused Jesus pain. But when he identifies Jesus with a kiss this only magnified the betrayal. Jesus could have easily stopped Judas from this act. But he chose to suffer this indignity from one who was one time a disciple/friend. How often we act similarly, when we choose to sin grievously. Is this not also a betrayal kiss to one who has given his life for us? Jesus suffers the same way as he did with Judas's kiss. Even though Judas later regretted his betrayal, instead of repentance he chose despair. After we have sinned against Jesus, hopefully his mercy will move us to repentance and conversion of heart. Jesus awaits us with open arms.

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