Thought of the Day March 19, 2024 Lent: eyes of mercy not condemnation

By 10:39 AM

 Jesus had warned Peter of the temptation to deny him. This Peter rejected. Now, during the trial before the High Priest, Peter failed in his commitment to the Master. He denied his three times to save his own life. Jesus looked at Peter with such tender mercy and forgiveness at that moment. Peter wept over his weakness. What a poignant moment that was. How often each of us have promised God never to sin again, but then failed in our resolve for selfish motives. No matter the graces God gives us, we fall into sin. Does Jesus look at us at those moments with the same eyes of compassion and forgiveness? Do we weep for our sins and start again? Jesus, thank you for your eyes of mercy and not of judgment at those moments. 

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