Thought of the Day March 20, 2024 Lent: he suffered for speaking the truth

By 10:42 AM

 The suffering that Jesus, the God/Man, endured in his pre-decided trial was both to his divinity and to his humanity. The decision that he should die was made before the trial. The trial was an excuse to find something substantive the Sanhedrin could justify their pre-decision. When Jesus finally breaks his silence and acknowledge the truth of who he is as the Son who became Man and will return to the Father, he was accused of blasphemy. They refused to accept his true identity. For to do so, they would have to acknowledge their sin in rejecting him as the Messiah. For speaking the truth, he was buffeted and spat upon. Our suffering for speaking the truth is nothing in comparison to Jesus'. Speak and suffer for the truth we must, if we wish to remain at one with the Lord.

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