Thought of the Day March 28 2024 Lent: he thought of others

By 2:24 PM

 While on the cross for six hours, the pain of being crucified is felt in every fiber of Jesus lacerated body. But he doesn't think of himself. He thinks of others. He forgives those who falsely accused him and those who crucified him. He extended forgives to one of the thieves crucified with him, because of the latter's repentance and request. He provided for his mother and for his beloved disciple and for us. He offered his sufferings to the Father, whom he knew loved him and was there with him. He thought of you and of me as he gave his life for our sakes, so that we may be able to be free from the bondage of sin and share in his life. Greater love has no one but to lay down his life for his others. How do we respond to such great love?

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