Thought of the Day March 13, 2024 Lent: sin is a denial of the Lord's love

By 10:38 AM

 Having confronted Judas at the Last Supper, Jesus confronted Peter for his upcoming denial. Peter was closer to Jesus, one of his inner circle. As Jesus gave Judas a chance to change his mind, so the Lord gave Peter a forewarning of what he will experience at his arrest. Jesus loved Peter as he loved Judas. Each received grace to overcome their time of temptation. Each failed. Jesus' heart must have been heavy with a sense of betrayal after all he had done and shown each of them. But we are no different. Jesus has loved us beyond measure. Still, we reject the grace he gives us not to sin. Each sin is a betrayal and denial of who he is and all he has done for us. Yet, his love does not change, even though we waver.

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