Thought of the Day March 12, 2024 Lent: Rejection of love

By 10:49 AM

 Jesus began his passion during the Last Supper. First, he washed the feet of the disciples as a servant. Then, he confronted Judas with the truth of his betrayal, giving him a chance not to go through with it. It pained Jesus to know that one of his closest disciple would betray his love and friendship for monetary gain. By dipping the piece of bread in the sauce and giving it to one at table was a sign of love. It both pained and saddened Jesus when Judas took, ate and left to seal his decision. How often does God out of love give us the grace not to give into the temptation that would separate us from him and we still sin? The rejection of love is a terrible wound. We know what that feels like humanly. What must it felt by Jesus, who is both God and Man?

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