Thought of the Day March 6, 2024 Jesus' perseverance

By 10:42 AM

The final lesson we learn from Jesus' Passion and death is his perseverance from the agony of the Garden to his death on the cross. At any time, he could have said, "I've done enough." But he chose to endure until the end every suffering and pain he received. So often, we want to stop, rather than persevere until the end. At those moments we need to enter into the sufferings of Jesus, asking him for the strength to go on. One of the temptations of the Evil One is to have us stop. I think one of the pains of Jesus in the Garden was this effort of Satan, telling Jesus that his suffering will be in vain for countless of people. Jesus responded by praying to the Father, "Not my will, but yours be done." Many of the saints had this experience in their sufferings. Their torturer would say, "If you renounce your God, I will stop the torture." They chose to persevere even until death, without giving in to the temptation. Lord, give me the grace of perseverance in all my trials.

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