Thought of the Day May 2, 2024 Easter: the blessings of resurrected life

By 9:38 AM

 "I am the resurrection and the life." If we wish to share in this resurrected life eternally, then we need to share in this life in the present moment. How? By heeding the word of Jesus. He told us that if we love one another the way he has loved us, God will dwell with us and in us. That means God's life will abide in and with us. He told and modeled for us how to be obedient to the will of the Father even in difficult circumstances. He told us to have faith in him, trusting in his plan for our life. He told us to be witnesses to others of  who he is and his marvelous deeds. By heeding his words, we will bear much fruit, the fruit of being one with him, which will yield the blessing of living with him in a resurrected life. What Jesus asks of us is not impossible (with the help of grace). What he promises us is the greatest of all gifts, eternal union with him.

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