Thought of the Day May 23, 2024 The prayer of silence

By 11:16 AM


Those who neglect silence bring only a distracted heart and a preoccupied mind to their prayer and, instead of deriving new strength from it, they only offer God a heart full of trifles. Intimate conversation with God is easily stifled if you do not first put an end to exterior chatter; yet, if you love silence and keep it well, your heart will be a temple where God will dwell and become known to you there. St Julia Billart


Sometimes we feel that this silence can be achieved only by the consecrated religious. But that is not true. We have many examples of ordinary lay people who experience the prayer of silence. Without silence we cannot hear the still voice of God within us. Elijah the prophet heard the earthquake, saw the fire, felt the strong wind. But his attention was caught by the whisper within him. Silence doesn’t come easy to us. It is a grace from God. “Be still and know that I am God.” In silence our focus is totally on God and not on ourselves. Enter into this silence, if we wish to find God.

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