Thought of the Day May 8, 2024 Easter: I am the truth

By 10:58 AM

 "I am the Truth." Jesus is the Truth for he is God. There is no lie in him. as such, he is also the source and revealer of all truth. Pope Francis gave this reflection on the word of Jesus. “Pilate cannot understand that the Truth is standing in front of him; he cannot see in Jesus the face of the truth that is the face of God. And yet Jesus is exactly this: the Truth that, in the fullness of time, ‘became flesh’ (cf. Jn 1:1, 14), and came to dwell among us so that we might know it. The truth is not grasped as a thing, the truth is encountered. It is not a possession, it is an encounter with a Person.” We cannot know, understand or accept the truth until we embrace the person of Jesus, as Lord and Savior. When Jesus revealed the mystery of the Eucharist, many rejected this truth. But Peter gave the answer that each of us need to hear. "Lord, to whom can we go. You have the words of everlasting life.  We have come to believe that you are the Holy One sent by God."  Jesus, as the Truth, is the revelation of his identity, which can only be embrace through faith.

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