Thought of the Day May 7, 2024 Easter: Jesus, the only true way

By 11:50 AM

 "I am the Way." Others over the years have attempted to show us a way of life, by following them. These paths end up in ultimate disaster, because they offer a limited and imperfect life that is temporary. When Jesus says that he is the Way, he is telling us there is no other way to salvation except through his death and resurrection. He is revealing to us that he is the only way to the Father, for no one can go to or know the Father except through Jesus. As the way, we are called to follow Jesus. He is the narrow road that leads to the cross, where we die and rise with Jesus. As the Way, Jesus, the Good Shepherd leads, feeds, guides, protects us from those who wish to devour us. Following Jesus is not easy, but if we keep our eyes on the One who walks before us, he will guide us through the moments of difficulties and darkness into the light and life. What way do you choose to follow?

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