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"Fortitude tells us to be strong and constant in the service of God, showing a cheerful face in trials, tribulations, weariness and sickness, as in prosperity and joy, and to be thankful to Jesus Christ for the one and the other." (St. John of God) Fortitude is a gift of the Holy Spirit, that is given to us, but must be exercised on a regular basis to be part of us. We allow trials and difficulties to overwhelm us, rather than see them as stepping stones to a life of holiness. Lent is another grace time God gives us each year to deal differently with these stumbling blocks. Under the weight of our sins, Jesus fell three times. He was mocked and cursed. It took all he humanly had to put one foot in front of the next. Throughout all this, he kept his eyes fixed on the Father, whom he knew in faith loved him and was with him. It was this fortitude that sustained St. Paul in all his struggles from within and from without. Can we have the same attitude which was in Christ Jesus?

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