Thought of the Day March 14, 2017

By 9:49 AM

"To look back is helpful, and indeed necessary, to purify our memory, but to be fixated on the past, lingering over the memory of wrongs done and endured, and judging in merely human terms, can paralyze us and prevent us from living in the present. The word of God encourages us to draw strength from memory and to recall the good things the Lord has given us. But it also asks us to leave the past behind in order to follow Jesus today and to live a new life in him. Let us allow him, who makes all things new (cf. Rev 21:5), to unveil before our eyes a new future, open to the hope that does not disappoint, a future in which divisions can be overcome and believers, renewed in love, will be fully and visibly in the will of God." (Pope Francis) How often our process is in reverse. We forget the signs of God's love but remember our past sins. We forget the joys of the past but remember the pains. Is it a wonder that our gaze is always in the past causing us to stumble in the present? At the same time the future is the unfolding of the present moment. We do not live in the past or the future, but in this present moment of God's grace.

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