Thought of the Day March 21, 2017

By 9:45 AM

During this Lenten season we become more conscious of God's great mercy through the death and resurrection of Jesus. He took upon himself our many sins and forgave them by becoming a sacrifice for us. He cast our sins into the depth of the sea, as the psalmist tells us. He forgives and forgets. We are called to do the same in regards the sins of others against us. We have received great forgiveness and mercy. In turn, we are to show the same mercy and forgiveness to others. And out of love in imitation of God, we too are to forget. In this way we will express our heartfelt gratitude to God for his mercy and be his sons and daughters in imitation. This may be hard and go against our fallen human nature, but will reflect our redeemed self, sharing in God's divine life.

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