Thought of the Day March 30, 2017

By 9:31 AM

One of the contributing sins of Israel 's infidelity before God was their impatience. They could not wait on God's plan and timing. Instead, again and again they would take matters into their own hands. When Moses was on the mountain for forty days, receiving from God the Commandments, the people became impatient. The invisible God, who had revealed himself through awesome deeds, was too much for them. They wanted a God they could see and touch, so they made their golden calf to worship. This disappointed and angered God. How often we do the same. We become impatient with God's plan and timing for us and we do what pleases us. We want things now. Like the Israelites we disappoint and anger God. But, in spite of our infidelities, he remains faithful to us, never abandoning us. We have to learn from our past failures and wait upon the Lord. To paraphrase the prophet Jeremiah, "I have plans for you, not of woe but a future full of hope." Or Isaiah, who gives this message of God: "My ways are not your ways, my thoughts, not your thought."  Isaiah again reminds us: "Those who wait upon the Lord will not be disappointed."

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