Thought of the Day March 9, 2017

By 3:04 PM

"Prayer is the bridge between our conscious and unconscious lives. Often there is a large abyss between our thoughts, words, and actions, and the many images that emerge in our daydreams and night dreams. To pray is to connect these two sides of our lives by going to the place where God dwells. Prayer is "soul work" because our souls are those sacred centers where all is one and where God is with us in the most intimate way. Thus, we must pray without ceasing so that we can become truly whole and holy." (Henri Nouwen) Interesting and profound insight into prayer! Prayer is the bridge that connects us to God. As we cross that bridge, we bring with us all that is on our hearts to the other side, where nothing really needs be said. He knows all of these. He wants us just to enjoy being with him and not be distracted by our concerns, which he can take care of. Even if we feel the need to tell the Lord, he waits for us to finish, so that the most important part of our time together is just to be with each other in love.

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