Thought of the Day March 28, 2017

By 9:45 AM

What prevents us from enjoying the grace of the present moment? Could it be more our attitude than our circumstances? I am reminded of a story I heard years ago. There was a horrific thunderstorm during the night. The next morning one person looked out the window and saw the mud and debris all around and said, "How horrible." Another person looked out the same window at the blue sun-lit sky and said, "wow!" Same world, same circumstances but different attitudes! Neither attitude changed the circumstances, only how they chose to deal with them and how they would let the circumstances determine them. Is that true with our lives? If our attitude is negative, our experience will follow. If or attitude is joyful and hopeful, our day will be different. Embrace the grace of the present moment given to you by God and make lemonade with lemons given you by circumstances.

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