Thought of the Day March 16, 2017

By 10:03 AM

Conversion is a life time journey from the initial grace of salvation in Baptism to the final grace of dying in union with God. Though we have been given the grace of salvation, we still have the Law of sin within us. Conversion means to continue to turn away from the sweet poison of sin and plunge into the everlasting life of God's love. It is the reality of the paradoxes stated by Jesus. To live, one must die. To receive the grace of life, we must empty ourselves of the dregs of sin. To be exalted with God, we must embrace the humiliation of our daily crosses. To ascend to the heights of glory with God, we must descend to break the weight of bondage that tethers us. Only the spiritually stouthearted, who have found the meaning of their life in God, can persevere to the end.

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