Thought of the Day April 10, 2017

By 9:47 AM

The first words Jesus utters from his final pulpit, the cross,
were "Father, forgive them for they do not know what the
do." Why these words to the very people who sought his
death? First of all, he was putting into action his own
teaching to others. Though sinless, He came to forgive the
sins of others. The intent of the other did not matter.
Second, he did not want un-forgiveness to root itself in his
heart. Third, he was witnessing to the unconditional love of
God for us, even when we choose to sin. Fourth, Jesus
did not justify or play down the enormity of their sin. To
better prepare our hearts to enter into the Passion of
Christ, we need to follow his example. We need, with the
help of his grace, to choose to forgive all whom we
perceive have injured us in some way. This forgiveness is
not only a verbal utterance but a choice from the heart, for
God has thus forgiven us. Our forgiveness does not rest
on the right or wrong of what was done but on our need to
be in right order with God.

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