Thought of the Day April 3, 2017

By 9:43 AM

It is a “today after which there will be no replay”, in other words, no “tomorrow”, only “today”. And “the sunset may be closer or farther off, but it is today, a today chosen by God, a today in which we have received God’s love, God’s promise that we can find him, be with him”. It is “a today in which, in every day of this today, we can renew our covenant by faithfulness to God”. But it is a “today”, because “there is only one today in our life”....The tomorrow will be the eternal tomorrow, with no sunset, with the Lord, for ever, if I am faithful to this today”. And, the Pope continued, “the question I ask you is this one that the Holy Spirit asks: ‘how am I living this today?’”....It is precisely “in our heart” that “the today is at play”. This is why we must ask ourselves if “our heart is open to the Lord”. (Pope Francis) Many of us miss the grace of today because we are trying to relive yesterday, which is gone, or live in tomorrow, which is not here. It is what we do today that will impact what was done yesterday. It is what we do today that prepares us for the future. As St. Paul says, "Today is the day of salvation."

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