Thought of the Day April 4, 2017

By 9:20 AM

What happens when Jesus is at the center of our lives as the true Lord and Savior that he is? There will be right order in our lives, first things will be first. With that order will come an inner peace, the peace that only comes with the real presence of sharing life in Jesus. Jesus, at the center of our lives, will then enable us to see things through his perspective, not just with our limited human awareness of reality. With this spiritual insight and the grace given to us, we will freely choose "the will of God, which is good, pleasing and perfect." As a result, we will experience the real freedom of living in Christ. With this freedom will come the fruit of the Spirit, unsurpassable joy. This joy will overflow into the desire
to be with Christ forever in glory, where his Lordship over us will be complete.

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