Thought of the Day April 27, 2017

By 9:51 AM

Our present day culture insists that we are to be self made, self
sufficient and independent, and self focus. These are all lies. Such
a world view is not based on reality. We are not self made. Our
existence comes from God. We are not self sufficient and
independent. We need others and we need resources we did not create to sustain myself. When we become self focus, we forget that it takes a village to form a person. We could become isolated from others or we use and manipulate others for our advantage. In
contrast to this secular culture view, there is the truth. To
recognize that being dependent on God for existence,
sustenance, maintenance and finality does not diminish our
identity and self worth but enhances them. Likewise, to
acknowledge that "no man is an island" keeps us grounded and
connected in the receiving and giving of life. Live life fully in

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