Thought of the Day April 5, 2017

By 2:00 PM

"A Christian life without temptations is not Christian: it is
ideological, it is gnostic, but it is not Christian”. In fact it happens that “when the Father draws people to Jesus, there is another who draws in the opposite way and wages war within you!” (Pope Francis) Yes, we pray to be deliver from temptations, but it is through these moments of trials that we experience grace to grow closer to God. The Evil one seeks to draw us away from God. The Holy Spirit enables us to make the right choice. Even Jesus was tempted in his humanity to turn from fulfilling the Father's plan to save the world from sin by embracing the cross of salvation. When St. Paul pleaded with God to take away the thorn in his side, the response he got was "My grace is sufficient for you. For when you are weak then my strength will be there for you."

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