Thought of the Day April 26, 2017

By 10:07 AM

"The Cross had asked the questions; the Resurrection had answered them...The Cross had asked: 'Why does God permit evil and sin to nail Justice to a tree?' The Resurrection answered: 'That sin, having done its worst, might exhaust itself and this be overcome by Love that is stronger than either sin or death.'" (Archbishop Fulton Sheen, Lent and Easter Wisdom, 110) Both the Cross and the Resurrection will remain a mystery to the unaided eyes of faith. A stumbling block for some. A grace for others. In love Jesus embraced both to teach us that love is the only way to understanding. We will have many crosses in our life. Each is meant to lead to a type of resurrection. The extent of resurrection will depend on the degree of our love for God. Like the dry bones in Ezekiel's prophesy, though they came back to life, something essential was missing, namely the spirit. Embracing our crosses in love will mean our resurrection, in the present and in the end, will be in love.

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