Thought of the Day April 18, 2017

By 11:03 AM

He is risen! Alleluia! Initially our faith is based on the
eyewitness of those who encountered the risen Lord.
Without this personal encounter, their faith would be based
only on the words of others. How long can that be
sustained? This has been our journey. We were baptized
because of the faith of our parents, strong or weak as it
was. But that faith, handed to us, needs to be personally
owned for it to fully transform us. We have had many
encounters with Jesus from baptism to the Sacrament of
Reconciliation, to communion with him in Eucharist, to
receiving the fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit in
Confirmation. But each will remain like a passing in the
night, until in faith we confidently acknowledge that Jesus
has truly risen from the dead and I now live in him. But
there is more.

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