Thought of the Day April 21, 2017

By 9:33 AM

He is risen, indeed! Alleluia! Encountering the risen Christ
forever changed the lives of the first eye witnesses. They
had doubted and refused to believe in his word before his
crucifixion. They abandoned him in the moment of his
greatest need for support. They hid themselves from the
authorities for fear of being arrested and killed. Their
hopes of Jesus being the Messiah, who would deliver
Israel, were now shattered. In the depth of their pain and
darkness came the light of the risen Christ. Their chains of
despair were broken by his simple gift of forgiveness and
peace. Their hearts were burning again within them for
love of him. The risen Christ had given meaning to their
lives, when they had thought all was lost. The past was
gone. Living in the present moment in, for and with the
risen Christ was all that matter. There is more.

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