Thought of the Day April 14, 2017

By 9:43 AM

The fifth word that Jesus cried out from the cross was, "I
thirst!" After enduring so much abuse and pain, after losing
so much blood, his body has dehydrated from lack of water.
But his cry of thirst is more than for physical water. He had
previously cried out, "My God, my God, why have you
abandoned me?" He thirsts for the Father's love, the
separation from whom he feels. In faith, he knows he can
entrust his life into the Father's arms. He also thirsts for
our love. He is dying a cruel death in our place because of
our sins. Do we love him? Will we show our love by
seeking to avoid the sins of separation? Jesus thirsts for
our understanding and response. Will we quench his thirst
or deepen it?

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