Thought of the Day April 24, 2017

By 10:01 AM

Jesus Christ is risen! He lives! Alleluia! This is a fact of
faith. But is it a fact of faith in my life? I am a new creation
in faith. Am I a new creation in fact? What has and does
the risen Christ made and make in my life today? How
conscious am I that I live now, not I, but Christ Jesus in
me? For the first eye witnesses the resurrection of Jesus,
their encounter with him, meant closing the door of the
past and living in the present reality of a daily new
beginning. It meant to totally surrender to the Lordship of
the risen Savior. It meant following the lead of the Holy
Spirit. It meant saying and meaning with Peter, "I love you
more than anything else." It meant being a light to the
world, allowing their life and words to witness to the fact of
faith that indeed Jesus lives! There is more: the rest of
your life!

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