Thought of the Day April 20, 2017

By 9:56 AM

Jesus is risen from the dead! Alleluia! This indeed is Good
News that must be told! Therefore, Jesus says to the initial
eye witnesses, the women, that they are to tell the
Apostles what they have seen and heard. This is the role
of an eye witness, namely to testify to the truth of the
experience. Have we encountered the risen Christ? Then
we are called to tell others, so that they may experience
and believe as well. Herein lies the possibility of a
breakdown in the process. If there is no personal
encounter with the risen Christ, there is no faith
breakthrough. If there is no living faith, there is no Good
News told. If there is no telling of the Good News, the
grace of Jesus' resurrection is blocked or denied. We are
not responsible for what the hearer does with our witness,
but we are responsible to witness the truth we have
experienced. But there is more.

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