Thought of the Day April 15, 2020 In God we trust

By 10:17 AM

We hear often in the Scriptures God saying to different people in different difficult situations, “Do not be afraid.” At times he adds the reassurance “It is I” or “I am with you.” Fear is a natural, human response to situations out of one’s control. To trust in God at these times is a response of grace. To trust in God is not irresponsibility on our part, nor is it a denial of the severity of the given situation. It is a faith response of one who actively believes in the providence of God.

In the present coronavirus pandemic, we turn to the Lord to deliver us from the effects of this disease.  Pope Francis recently said: “It is a grace: being secure in the knowledge that the Lord is with me.” It was this trust that saw the believers of the past through their own crisis. It is the same awareness of the Lord’s promises and trust in him that will see us through this and other crises. “In God we trust” is not a slogan but a commitment.

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