Thought of the Day April 8, 2020 Behold, your mother.

By 10:21 AM

Woman, behold, your son. . . .Behold, your mother.” (John 19:26–27)

Jesus, the only son of Mary, knows that when he dies, as a widow his mother will have no one to care and provide for her in her material needs. As he looks down from the cross, he sees his beloved disciple, John, standing alongside of his mother with arms tenderly around her shoulders in support. Whom better could Jesus entrust his beloved mother to?

But there are two other deeper meanings. One, Mary was given to be the spiritual mother of all those saved by Jesus. Thus, she is called the Mother of the Church. Two, for Jesus’ sacrifice to be complete, he doesn’t cling to any relationship. As comforting as Mary’s presence is, even this Jesus forsakes to fully experience the separation and emptiness sin brings about.

With John let us stand with Mary and accept her as our spiritual mother. Though we will never be able to experience what Jesus did, taking on our sins, we can choose to avoid serious sin for the sake of Jesus.

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