Thought of the Day April 9, 2020 My God, My God

By 11:12 AM

My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Matt. 27:46; Mark 15:34)

Jesus has been on the cross for some time now. Though Jesus is sinless, the weight of sin and it’s emptiness overwhelms him. He experiences the depth of separation which sin causes between a person and God. Even though in fact and in faith, the Son of God could never be separated from the Father, becoming sin for us has its toll on Jesus.

In his need, he turns to the psalms which he
has learned and prayed regularly. Choosing Psalm 21 he utters this cry of anguish, not in despair but in trust of the Father. For in faith he knows that death will not be the ultimate victor, but life will reign through death.

While the bystanders may have interpreted Jesus’ cry as a cry against God, the Father heard the recommitment of the son to embrace the Father’s will even in his anguish and horrific suffering.  While his tormentors and executioners heard the first line of the prayer, they did not hear the rest of the psalm which ends in hope and trust.

Jesus cries out on our behalf. Will we cry out with him, not only the beginning but the whole psalm?

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