Thought of the Day April 7, 2020 You will be with me

By 11:27 AM

Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise.” (Luke 23:43)

The first fruit of Jesus’ prayer of forgiveness came forth in the words of one of the criminals crucified with Jesus. Recognizing and admitting his own sinfulness, he expressed a plea of repentance. He publicly testified to Jesus’ innocence and professed his faith in Jesus’ identity as Lord, without understanding the full meaning.

He believed there was something more than this life, even for one who had done wrong. Rather than die with anger and hate on his heart, like his companion in crime, he chose to ask for mercy and forgiveness, with the hope of being with Jesus after death. What the good thief realized was that God came to meet him in his deepest suffering and offered him, not only freedom through repentance, but the promise of  paradise.

The grace to repent and believe comes in strange ways and difficult times. How often have we not been attentive or receptive to that grace in our own lives? Spend some time reflecting on the words of  both persons. Make the words of the thief your own and hear Jesus’ response to you in your heart.

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