Thought of the Day April 6, 2020 Father, forgive them

By 10:54 AM

Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34)

Why were these the first words from Jesus’ lips from the pulpit of the cross? How often did he preach on the need for forgiveness? Now, he chose to preach through personal active testimony.

He addresses the Father directly. He knows that his persecutors are acting out of ignorance, resulting from hardened hearts against the truth. Yes, they were aware of the prophesies about a suffering servant, who, though from God, is put to a violent death. Yet their hardened hearts refused to be opened even to the Word of God, like their ancestors.

No act could be more heinous than to put to death an innocent man out of refusal to accept the truth of his real identity. This is the Son of God, the Lord and Messiah. Yet, Jesus, out of mercy, chose to forgive them, less his heart become hardened like theirs. Have we hardened our heart against another for something much less severe?

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