Thought of the Day April 16, 2020 God is faithful

By 10:19 AM

“God is faithful to his word...and faithful to his promises...because of his great love.... Our faithfulness is always a response to that faithfulness that precedes us”. (Pope Francis)

If we reflect on God’s word in the Scriptures we will see example after example testifying to God’s faithfulness. He promised to send a Savior after the sin of Adam and Eve. He promise to spare Noah from the great flood. God promised Abraham many descendants, a land of his own and many blessings. He promise to deliver his Chosen people from bondage in Egypt. He promised David that his kingdom would endure.

Jesus, the One promised by God, gave his life that we may have life in God’s eternal kingdom, which he came to establish. Jesus promised the forgiveness of sin, the sharing in his life to all those who believe and accept Him as their Lord and Savior. He promised that if we eat his Body and drink his Blood, we will not die but live forever, for he is the resurrection and the life.

His word and his promises are true. Our response is to accept, believe and be faithful in turn by living in his new life. In this way we will testify to who he is and the truth of his word.

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