Thought of the Day May 13, 2020 Spirit and Power

By 10:22 AM

Through the Fire of Power we are equipped through the gifts of the Spirit to do the work God has missioned us to do. An engine needs the combustion power to operate properly and effectively. The greater  the fire power, the more the engine can do. It takes a lot of fire power to put the satellite into orbit.  It takes a lot of nuclear power to provide sufficient electricity for a metropolitan area. If you lose the fire power, the effectiveness of the machine is impaired. Some of us have receive initial power and we have been going on that original thrust.  It's like the ad on TV depicting the Duracel battery.  Many of us do not have extended life; our battery power needs re-charging. 

We need a fresh outpouring of the fire power of the Spirit to do the work God has for us. We are called by Jesus to do the work that he did and far greater. (Jn 14:12) It is not by our power or might, but by the power of God. Let the fire fall again to set us on fire for the Lord. The work of witnessing and evangelization require a boldness and energy which is beyond our human strength. Like the people in Acts 4 we need to pray daily for a fresh outpouring of the power of the Spirit so that signs and wonders may accompany the work we do in the name of Jesus. Come, Holy Spirit, come! Come with your power!

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