Thought of the Day May 28, 2020 Fear of the Lord

By 10:13 AM

We read in the Scriptures that Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Fear, in this sense, is not the normal understanding of the word. There are many experiences of human fear: fear of failure, of the lost of goods, of heights, of wild animals, etc. This is called servile fear, because it some how makes us a slave of something created.

Then there is what is understood as filial fear. It is not fear as much as awe and respect of the other, namely God. How often we read in the Scriptures God saying “Fear not.” God does not want us to be afraid of him but to be in a filial relationship with him. It is not a relationship of equality but of dependence of the creature on the Creator, the child on the parent, the disciple on the Lord. We recognize who God is and who we are. We respond to who God is with reverential awe, filled with praise, adoration, thanksgiving and worship.

The charism of the Spirit associated with the gift of Fear of the Lord is praying in tongues. Our human words are inadequate to express our awe of God, so we turn to the Holy Spirit to express in utterances a prayer pleasing and acceptable to God.

The fruit of the Spirit that Fear of the Lord produces is love, peace and joy. For to be humbly in the presence of the Lord brings these fruits to the surface with overwhelming power.  Pray that we may grow in the gift of the Fear of the Lord with the hope that we may be in his presence forever. Come, Holy Spirit, come!

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