Thought of the Day May 27, 2020 Piety

By 10:22 AM

What is piety? There is a natural virtue of piety. It involves the reverence, obedience, respect, honor and love that is due to our parents and to those in lawful authority.  On a spiritual level, piety is the religious devotion, reverence, obedience, respect, honor and love that is due to God.

The official Catholic definition of the gift of piety is: “A special gift of the Holy Spirit; it perfects the virtue of religion, which is the practice of justice toward God. It produces an instinctive filial affection for God and devotion toward those who are specially consecrated to God. As an infused gift of God, it is ready loyalty to God and the things of God, arising not so much from studied effort or acquired habit as from a supernatural communication conferred by the Holy Spirit.”

One of the ways we express this gift of piety is through frequent prayer throughout the day. St Therese of Calcutta once said: “If you face God in prayer and silence, God will speak to you. Listen in silence because if our heart is full of other things you cannot hear the voice of God. What is essential is not what we say but what God tells us.”

The charism of piety is charism of hospitality. This charism of the Holy Spirit enables one to be a generous instrument of God’s love by warmly welcoming and caring for those in need of food, lodging or just friendship. Like Martha and Mary, we tend to the needs of Jesus who comes to us in the person of others.

The fruit that the gift and charism of piety bears is love, kindness, and goodness. One’s life of authentic piety begins to be reflected in a life of love towards God and others, of kindness to all and of a goodness that is attractive and inviting.

Come, Holy Spirit, come! Stir in me a greater life of piety, a greater awareness of hospitality so that I can reflect to the glory of God love, kindness and goodness.

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