Thought of the Day May 19, 2020 Faith as a virtue, charism, fruit

By 10:17 AM

Yesterday we reflected on the difference between the virtues, charisms and fruits of the Spirit. We now begin to look at specifics.

There is the human virtue of faith and the theological virtue of faith. When we believe the forecast of the weather man, we are putting our natural faith in the word of a human being. When we believe all that God has revealed through his Word and through his Church, we are putting our spiritual (theological) faith in the One who is Truth itself. This is the faith that Mary expressed when she said “fiat”, be it done according to your word.

The charism of faith is different. This is the faith that Jesus called forth in his healing ministry. This is the faith that can move mountains . It is not a faith in a truth but in the word of the speaker. This is the faith that Peter exercised when he saw the crippled beggar at the Temple entrance and the faith which that man acted on.

The fruit of the Spirit is faithfulness. Because we put our faith in the person of God, we express our commitment by being faithful even in times of suffering. Because Jesus was committed to embrace the Father’s will, he endured the cross, remaining faithful at all cost.

Pray that the Spirit will stir within us the virtue of faith as well as the charism of faith so that our faithfulness may be evident for the glory of God and as a witness to others. Come, Holy Spirit, come!

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