Thought of the Day May 25, 2020 Gift of Counsel

By 1:06 PM

We have been adopted as sons and daughters of God in Baptism. We share in God’s own divine life so that we can grow in holiness and one day be with God forever. To do this we need to make right decisions so that we may act justly and correctly as to God’s will for us in a given situation. God does not leave us on our own. He has given us the sanctifying gift of counsel or right judgment. Through this gift the Holy Spirit guides us, if we are attentive, to making the choices that will lead us to eternal life with God.


Sometimes others come to us seeking guidance and direction in their lives. When the rich, young man came to Jesus seeking what he must do to gain eternal life, Jesus gave him this counsel. “Go, sell all you have, and then come follow me.” That guidance of the Holy Spirit was not received by the young man.


Then there is the charism of the discernment of spirits. As a charism it is given for the good of others. Peter discerned through this gift of the Spirit that Simon had ulterior motives when he offered Peter money for the ability to impart the Holy Spirit. Peter said: “Your heart is not upright in the sight of God….For I perceive you to be in the gall of bitterness and in the bond of iniquity.” The charism of discernment of spirits is a manifestation of the gift of counsel in a particular situation.


Both the gift of counsel and the charism of discernment will result in peace, love and joy as the fruit of the Spirit.


Pray for a fresh release of the gift of counsel and the charism of discernment so that you can continue to grow in right relationship with God and to serve others in love. Come, Holy Spirit, come!

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