Thought of the Day May 14, 2020 Fire power of the Spirit

By 10:18 AM

The power of the Spirit is given to us and sometimes we settle for less.

We need a fresh outpouring of the fire power of the Spirit to do the work God has for us. We are called by Jesus to do the work that he did and far greater. (Jn 14:12) It is not by our power or might, but by the power of God. Let the fire fall again to set us on fire for the Lord. The work of witnessing and evangelization require a boldness and energy which is beyond our human strength. Like the people in Acts 4 we need to pray daily for a fresh outpouring of the power of the Spirit so that signs and wonders may accompany the work we do in the name of Jesus.

There are too many of us who are like fire crackers. What is needed is nuclear explosion. God is not in the business of short-term, quickly finished firecrackers which is all show and very little substance. He is looking for the long-term effect of a changed life which is radical and comes from conversion and transformation. He is looking for zealots for the kingdom--men and women on fire for the work of the Lord with a zeal similar to that of Paul.

We need a people who when they come under fire from the enemy have the valor and courage, the depth and the conviction to resist till death, if needed; to counter with the greater power of Jesus; to fight fire with fire: the fire of the Spirit.

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