Thought of the Day February 15, 2021 Hope of forgiveness

By 10:22 AM

“In these times of trouble, when everything seems fragile and uncertain, it may appear challenging to speak of hope. Yet Lent is precisely the season of hope, when we turn back to God who patiently continues to care for his creation which we have often mistreated (cf. Laudato Si’, 32-33; 43-44). Saint Paul urges us to place our hope in reconciliation: “Be reconciled to God” (2 Cor 5:20). By receiving forgiveness in the sacrament that lies at the heart of our process of conversion, we in turn can spread forgiveness to others. Having received forgiveness ourselves, we can offer it through our willingness to enter into attentive dialogue with others and to give comfort to those experiencing sorrow and pain. God’s forgiveness, offered also through our words and actions, enables us to experience an Easter of fraternity” (Pope Francis).

When we sin, we have the hope of God’s forgiveness. God never withholds his merciful forgiving grace. But that grace, to be most fruitful, requires that we are truly repentant and truly desire to turn away from our sinful actions and remain in union with God. There is also the legitimate expectation, that having been forgiven for our sins which are against God, we will extend the same forgiveness towards others, whose offenses are infinitely less towards us. But how often there is a disconnect between receiving forgiveness and giving forgiveness? Lent is a time to address that from our hearts. So that the next time we go to God for forgiveness he doesn’t have to bring up this disconnect in our life to our shame.  “To whom much is given, much is expected.” 

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