Thought of the Day February 5, 2021 True and false disciple

By 11:15 AM

How many people call themselves followers of Jesus Christ, but are such in name only, not in commitment to the way of his disciple? They are looking for the emotional highs of their initial encounter with Jesus to continue, but are unwilling to embrace their daily cross. They are like the seed  in the parable. They are choked and stifled from bearing the fruit of a disciple, because they are unwilling to get rid of the baggage of sin within them. They disdain the discipline of the Lord, because they think they deserve better. The grace Jesus gives us is free. But to enable that grace of  his love to bear the fullest effect, death to all that  is not of God must happen. Even his grace enables us to so die to all that is part of the false self. Is not too early to begin to prepare for the season of Lent, a season to enter once more into the pascal mystery of death and resurrection.

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