Thought of the Day February 9, 2021 Prayer in Lent

By 11:01 AM

As we prepare to enter the grace-season of Lent, one of the areas we are called to focus on is our prayer life. What is God asking us to do in this area of our relationship with  Him? It is not to say more prayers, but to spend more quality time, when we do pray. It is not to say only our rote prayers, but to be silent in his presence, so we can be more attentive to that inner, still voice of God. 

We are invited by St. Paul to pray unceasingly. This means to give thanks and praise to God and to express our love frequently during the day, which will enable us to be in his presence consciously in the midst of our duties. In this way, our Lent may become a different of a retreat with the Lord, while continuing our responsibilities. In prayer, our heart is in communion with God's heart. And the beauty of this journey is that it will continue after Easter.

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