Thought of the Day February 8, 2021 Preparing for Lent

By 10:22 AM

Ash Wednesday is a little over a week away. It is not too soon to begin to think about what does God want  you to do during the season of Lent to prepare to celebrate more spiritually the pascal mystery. Lent is not a cookie cutter from one year to the next. It is a new grace moment that God gives us so that we can die and rise with Christ in a new way this Easter. The traditional three prong focus of the Church is prayer, fasting and almsgiving. How does God want you to experience these during the penitential season of Lent? What is your prayer time before the Lord look like now and what is he asking of you? Does fasting involve only food and drink or does it also involve areas of sin in our lives? What specific almsgiving does God have in mind for you this Lent? As you go before the Lord, be attentive to the "new" insight or awareness he may wish to give you. 

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