Thought of the Day February 3, 2021 Obedience, thread to God

By 10:42 AM

 "Obedience to God is like 'the center thread that comes down' that supports a spider's beautiful web hanging on a hedge. Descending from the top by this thread it produces, the spider constructs a web that a perfect and taut at every corner. Once the spider's work is finished, this center thread used to construct the web is not removed but remains in place. In fact, the center thread is what holds together all of the spider's weaving; without it everything collapses. If one of the lateral threads breaks (I tested this once), the spider rushes to quickly repair his web, but if that center thread from on high is broken, then the spider moves on because nothing more can be done." (Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa).

Without obedience to God a person enters into serious sin. One's relationship with God, like the center thread of the web, is severed. This was the stark lesson Adam and Eve experienced, when they chose to disobey God to yield to their cravings to be like God. This is the same lesson we unfortunately learned, when we disobey God in a serious matter. While the spider moves on, God remains with us, calling us back to embrace what is truly good for us, his will. When we do so, a new relationship begins.

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