Thought of the Day February 2, 2021 Called to live but not of the world

By 10:24 AM

"As long as we belong to this world, we will remain subject to its competitive ways and expect to be rewarded for all the good we do. But when we belong to God, who loves us without conditions, we can live as he does. The great conversion called for by Jesus is to move from belonging to the world to belonging to God" (Henri Nouwen).

To whom do we truly belong? In fact, we belong to God, who created us, redeemed us and adopted us as his sons and daughters. But if we look at our thoughts and actions, we seem to belong more to the world than to God. Jesus came to set us free and to invite us on a new journey of being in the world but not of the world. It is a journey of a relationship with God as the center of our lives and not of the world as the center of our lives. While we have to spend our lives in the world, doing the things we need to do to survive, we are called to learn to live in the world with God as our focus. Not an easy task. But one that will set us free to see and do things from a different motivation, as a son or daughter of God. Bon voyage!  

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