Thought of the Day February 25, 2021 The cunning of the devil

By 10:03 AM

 "Sin is that process which makes us change our hearts from good to bad, which takes us downhill, something which grows, slowly grows, then infects others and ultimately excuses itself....When we find ourselves in a sin, in a fall, yes, we must go to ask the Lord for forgiveness, it is the first step that we must take....But then ask yourselves, how did I come to fall there? How did this process start in my soul? How did it grow? Who have I infected? And how in the end did I justify myself for falling?" (Pope Francis)

The Devil is a cunning creature, who has perfected his art of tempting us and deceiving us. He starts with small enticements that seem insignificant and harmless at first. But in reality they could be the beginnings of a deeper future pitfall. One step leads to another and one misstep leads to another. He is patient. He convinces us that it is not a big deal. It is like cooking a frog. You start with the frog in a pot of room temperature water on the stove. Then gradually you increase the fire, letting the frog adjust to the heat. The frog doesn't jump out of the pot. Eventually the frog is cooked. This is the process the Devil uses with us, unless unlike the frog, we jump out of its net by the grace of God.

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